Put Story at The Heart of Your Marketing

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For Purpose-Fueled, Passion-Driven Entrepreneurs Who Have Digital Products or High-Ticket Offers!

It's time to go beyond referrals and word-of-mouth...

Sooner or later sales will level off and stop going up.

You will need to reach new people, connect, earn trust and get them excited about what you offer.

Do Less. Make More.

You can have a greater impact and make widespread change an easy reality when you have a business that isn’t reliant on a few charitable donations and friends-and-family support.

You can create a life of freedom not only for those your business supports but also for your own family and yourself.

You can be an unstoppable force for good in this world…

…if only you knew where to spend your time, how to automate your sales and what to do to create the digital business of your dreams.

Let us show you EXACTLY how to do this.

Growing your passion-driven business doesn’t have to feel like being dropped in the middle of Yellowstone Forest with no map or guide to get you out of there.​

You’ve taken the courses that have left you feeling disappointed and overwhelmed.

You’ve poured money like gasoline into running ads, buying tools, attending events and nothing’s catching fire…

You’ve started to believe that maybe… this isn’t for you. Maybe your business is too different from everything else out there. Maybe you just need to stay small and treat this like a “side-hustle.”

Friends and family are starting to avoid the “business” conversation at family gatherings and it stings.

And now as you read through this page… you’re wondering, “Will it really be any different? How can I know this Captivate Method thing works?”

We get that. We really do. Which is why we’re going to share something that no one talks about in this industry…

Newsflash: Business doesn’t run on passion alone.

You can’t turn “likes” and “double-taps” into revenue unless you’re doing something right.

And that “something right” starts with telling the right stories at the right time.

Stories that excite you and empower you to wake up everyday living your authentic truth, doing what you feel you are meant to do in this world.

Stories that encourage you to make the impact you’ve been dreaming about with digital conversationsTM and build a value-aligned business, speak your truth and attract the people you really want to attract.

Can you afford to NOT invest in seeing the ROI on telling the right stories at the right time to the right people?

Can you afford to keep bleeding hours over an already clogged up calendar while you struggle to wear-all-the-hats and do-all-the-things?

Can you afford to discard your passion and purpose to the digital dustbin only because you gave up on creating a clear and easy-to-share story?

“What really got me these new contracts was the story. What I have now, after Captivate, is my edge on how to use my story to attract the right customers.”

Meet The People Behind The Captivate Method

adam force

I’m Adam Force, a burnout survivor and an activist at heart. After working at WebMD for 10 years as the Director of Strategic Marketing, I started a second business – Change Creator.

Change Creator is an educational media platform. It helps conscious entrepreneurs change the status quo through its courses. We offer courses like – The Captivate Method, a podcast with over 200 expert interviews, and a premier digital magazine (with 30 editions reaching 135 countries). ​

amy aitman

Hi! I’m Amy Aitman. With a professional writing degree and faced with no job prospects, at the height of the biggest recession in recent history, I did what most sane people do – Start a business, of course.

With over 20 years of digital marketing experience I am part scrappy entrepreneur, part storyteller. My desire to help others tell their stories and scale their digital marketing grew into my first business, 8mencan. This is where I help manage multi-million dollar portfolios for clients who want to grow.

Now I’m thrilled to help YOU create and live a more meaningful life using business as a tool for social change.

danielle sutton

Hey there! I’m Danielle Sutton. Founder of The Sedge, I’m passionate about supporting those who are enterprising to make the world a better place.

With an undergrad in business, specialization in social entrepreneurship, and participation in a world-class accelerator, I’m excited to work with you and share my expertise to help you reach your impactful destination — all without missing the opportunity to revel in the journey along the way​.

It’s your time to step up and create a true online system that finally gets consistent sales while helping more people and providing you the freedom you want.


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